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Essential ESX 3.5 & VC 2.5 links

Eric Siebert (VMware Communities User Moderator) ha publicado (en forma de post sticky) una recopilacion de enlaces muy muy utiles para ESX 3.5 y V.C 2.5. La tenemos aqui.

Abarca una gran cantidad de puntos:

Compatibility & Version Info:
VI3 Key Features & Benefits Summary by Version -
VMware Infrastructure Compatibility Matrixes -
Details of What's New and Improved In VI3 Version 3.5 -

Must Read:
RTFM Upgrade guide for ESX 3.5 and VirtualCenter 2.5 -

Release Notes/Install, Upgrade and Patch Guide:
ESX Server 3.5 and VirtualCenter 2.5 Release Notes -
ESX Server 3 Installation Guide -
Upgrade Guide -
ESX Server 3 Patch Management Guide -

Additional documentation:
Configuration Maximums for VMware Infrastructure 3 -
Quick Start Guide -
Basic System Administration -
Virtual Infrastructure Web Access Administrator's Guide -
ESX Server 3 Configuration Guide -
Resource Management Guide -
Fibre Channel SAN Configuration Guide -
iSCSI SAN Configuration Guide -
Virtual Machine Backup Guide -
VMware Infrastructure 3 Primer -

Additional downloads:
Remote CLI Download -
License Server for ESX 3.5 -
CPU Compatibility Tool for ESX 3.5 -

VMware Converter Enterprise for VirtualCenter 2.5 Admin Guide -
VMware Converter Enterprise for VirtualCenter 2.5 Release Notes -

Update Manager:
VMware Update Manager Release Notes -
VMware Update Manager Admin Guide -
VMware Update Manager Sizing Estimator -

Latest Hardware Compatibility Guides:
Systems -
I/O -
Storage/SAN -
Backup Software -

Blog & News Articles:
VMware ESX 3.5 goes live with key new features -,289142,sid94_gci1285629,00.html
What's new in ESX 3.5 & VC 2.5? -
VMware VI Client 2.5 does not support 64-bit workstations -

Relevant KB Articles:
Updates to your VMware VI3 Starter Licenses -
Changes in licensing for VI3 Standard Edition When upgrading to VI 3.5 -
Understanding VI 3.5 Licensing: Server and Host-based Licensing Models -

ESX 3.5:
Installing ESX Server throws an "Anaconda Error" in the Partitioning Options screen -
VMFS Partition cannot be created for "Typical" ESX Server Installation if Prior installation is detected -
IBM System x3850 M2 and System x3950 M2 Servers fail to connect to 100Mbps Networks -
Installing the Tivoli Storage Manager Client on the Service Console results in an error -
Virtual Machine on a RDM Shared Storage becomes invalid after migration from ESX Server 2.5.x to ESX Server 3.5 or 3i -
Vmotion is disabled after ESX Server upgrade -
Certain Special Characters cause software iSCSI Initiator CHAP Configuration corruption -
Connection to ESX Server host through VI Client is lost if you attempt to delete several VM's at once from the Datastore Browser -
Storage Devices connected to McData FC Switch through Qlogic adapters occasionally do not re-appear after reboot -
Snapshot operations submitted directly to an ESX Server Host during Storage vMotion corrupts Virtual Machine data -
Storage vMotion on a VM with I/O intensive workload may result incorrectly in a timeout error -
Upgrading to ESX Server 3.5 when the Root Parition is nearly full might cause Incomplete System Configuration -
Restarting Hostd (mgmt-vmware) on ESX Server hosts restarts Hosted Virtual Machines where VM Auto Startup/Shutdown is enabled -
ESX Server becomes temporarily unresponsive under a Heavy I/O load -
Consolidation of Large or Deeply Nested Snapshots using VirtualCenter, SDK or VCB might take longer on ESX Server 3.5 than on ESX Server 3.0.x -

Consolidated Backup 1.1:
Upgrading Consolidated Backup version 1.0.x to 1.1 causes the installer to hang -
Consolidated Backup cannot create Quiesced Snapshots of VM's running Windows Vista -
VCB 1.1 Command Line utility connection to port 902 causes an error message -

VC 2.5:
When you install SQL Server Express on a System where SQL Native Client is present the installation might fail with error -
VirtualCenter Server Fails to Start after your replace Default SSL Ceritifcates with Custom Certificates -
Error Message During Installation: error 1603: error installing Windows installer engine -
Administrative Credentials are Required for Oracle and SQL Database when Installing or Upgrading VirtualCenter -
Client-side CD-ROM or Floppy can become disconnected -
VirtualCenter Server does not detect changes in Host IP Address unless SSL Certificate Verification has been enabled -
Permission problem if host had been in lockdown mode -
Virtual Machines might lose Network Connectivity when moved to a different Port Group -
Powering on Virtual Machines with multiple PCI Devices might fail -
Incorrect Device Paths for LUNs displayed in Storage Summary -
VirtualCenter Consolidation service Usernames and Passwords must use only ASCII characters -
VI Client installation fails on Windows Vista Business Edition with enabled Anti-virus software -
VirtualCenter Server might crash in a cluster with Manual or Partially Automatic DRS and Automatic DPM -
Deleting Snapshots of VM's with Heavy disk I/O might cause host to be Disconnected from VirtualCenter -
Paravirtualization option is not Disabled for Unsupported Operating Systems -
VirtualCenter Server installation fails or results in an error if your system does not have MDAC 2.8 SP1 or later installed -
Installing Update Manager with Unified Installer might faile if Disparate Databases are used -
Some Alarms may disappear after upgrading to VirtualCenter 2.5 -
VirtualCenter Database upgrade fails with an exception when a Password that contains Apostrophes or Double Quotes is used -
The VirtualCenter Server might Crash when using an older ODBC driver with Oracle 9i -
Guest Operating System Standby feature removed in VirtualCenter Server 2.5 -
Cannot specify Destination Folder on Non-default Datacenter when Cloning Virtual Machines -
VirtualCenter Service will not start on a machine with non-Ascii characters in it's Machine Name -
vMotion from ESX Server 3.5 hosts to ESX Server 3.0.x hosts causes the console sessions of the migrated VM's to become blank -
Automatic VMware Tools upgrade does not upgrade to the latest version on VM's with Insufficient space in the Root parition -

Forum Threads:

3.5 Install Notes:
VC 2.5 SQL Server 2000 permission configuration needs -
VC 2.5 Upgrade - Wiped my Database -
New Features - What Have You Noticed? -
VMware 3.5 Disappointing News -
Upgrade of 3.0.2 or Fresh Install? -
VI Client 2.5 only supports 32-bit OS -
VC 2.5 Database Upgrade - Space required by Upgrade Wizard -
Update Manager - Changing the Default Location of the Patch Repository -
ESX 3.5 Time Configuration Error "Failed to Change Host Configuration" -
VirtualCenter 2.5 Components won't install -

Technote: Round-Robin Load Balancing -
Technote: Enabling Netflow on Virtual Switches -
Technote: Configuring and Troubleshooting N-Port ID Virtualization -
Technote: Virtual Machine Failure Monitoring -
ESX 3.5 Installation Video (You Tube) -

Blog & News Articles:
Review: VMware Infrastructure 3.5 builds on the base -

Relevant KB Articles:

VC 2.5:

For SQL Server 2000, Do Not Grant or Revoke the System Administrators Role to Satisfy the Database Permission Requirements When Upgrading to VirtualCenter 2.5 -

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