martes, 17 de junio de 2008

Top 10: Herramientas gratuitas para la adminsitración de VMware

Eric Siebert nos muestra esta relación de 10 herramientas gratuitas para la administración de VMware y VI3, la mayoria de ellas son geniales:

1) Putty -
Telnet and SSH client for remotely connecting to the ESX service console.
2) WinSCP - and Veeam FastSCP -
SCP clients for browsing ESX server file systems and transferring files to/from ESX hosts.
3) VI3 SnapHunter - and SnapAlert -
Utilities that can report all running snapshots on ESX hosts including name, size and date. Can also automatically email reports and optionally commit snapshots.
4) VI Scripted Backup Utility -
A backup utility that is run from the Service Console that provides VMDK level backups of any VM on storage accessible by the host. The script can be targeted at any ESX server or VC server, and if pointed at a VC server is DRS aware.
5) MCS StorageView -,cat_view/gid,16/
A utility that displays all the logical partitions, operating system, capacity, free space and percent free of all virtual machines on ESX 3.x or Virtual Center 2.x . It can also display how many gigabytes you can save by decreasing the logical partition to a size the VM really needs.
6) SSH Plug-in -
A VI client plug-in that integrates an SSH console directly into the client.
7) Storage vMotion Plug-in -
A VI client plug-in that extends the client’s functionality by providing an integrated, graphical tool that can be used to invoke storage VMotion (SVMotion) operations.
8) Vmotion Info -
A program that will collect Vendor, Model, CPU Types and the CPU feature bits from all hosts to check for vMotion compatibility.
9) VMCdConnected -
Scans all Virtual Machines and shows if they have a CD connected to it. After scanning the VM’s you can disconnect all the CD’s with a click of a button.
10) VMware Converter
Performs hot and cold conversions of physical and virtual servers to virtual machines. Also converts image formats.

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